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Dear movie and music companies,

You need to understand that if people want to pay for movies and music to give the ARTIST money, they will, and that if people want to steal the content, they will. When you put restrictions on content for the people who buy them, you’re not stopping the people who want to steal them from stealing them. Those people will ALWAYS find a way to get what they want for free (even if it is illegal).

What consumers want when they buy a movie or CD or purchase content is high-quality (lossless or near lossless) content without digital rights management. If I buy something, why should I be limited on how I use it, as long as it’s moral and ethical?

You only hurt your self by crippling the content you provide. The more you cripple, the less value it has, the less people are willing to pay for it, the less people will pay for it, and the more people will steel it.

By FAR the most used excuse people use when they steal something is "I stole it because it was too expensive".

Also, the artist, actor, producer, etc, should get WAY more money then the label. The label isn’t creating content, the artist is. They get way too much money as it is, and when you (the big companies) get an equal or greater amount, that’s uncalled for.

The goal of a record or movie company is to get the content from the producer (artist) to the consumer (me) efficiently. When you stray from this goal, you are hurting both ends. If you have no artists or consumers, you have lost 100% of your market in which case you are out of business.

You may find it surprising, but if you provide the consumer with what they want at a reasonable price, they will pay for it. You will get more customers buying your product when they are satisfied with it, which will in turn bring in more money. It’s basic supply and demand. You should not see the loss of sales of your product as a result of people stealing it, you should see that it’s because your customers are not satisfied with your product.

Please take this into consideration.

Dissatisfied customer,
-Charlie Hayes



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